The Club membership consists of Full Members, Junior Members, and Social Members.

Junior Members range from 9 to 25 years.

Club Membership is for a full year from 1st September.

The Club continues its bowling activities throughout the year and increasingly, more members are playing indoors during the summer. The Club will extend summer opening times to accommodate demand. Match fixtures with other clubs are played in the summer as well as the winter.

The Club has vacancies for all classes of membership.

We are always pleased to hear from anyone interested in becoming a member of the club, so please write, call in, email or phone for full details (Contact Us).

We have several “open” days during the year, so even if you have never bowled before but want to give it a try, please write, call in, email or phone for details (Contact Us).

Membership Fees

Enrolment Fee (over 16) £20-00
Ordinary Membership £112-00
Senior Citizen (over 65) £97-00
Junior (9 – 16) £28-00
Junior (17 – 25) £48-00
Social Membership £15-00
Hire of Locker £9-00
Some discounts are available if membership fees for the up-coming year are paid before the end of May.

Match Fees

Tea & Biscuits only £4-50
Club Members (with meal) £9-00
Associations & Counties (with meal) £9-50
Outdoor Clubs (with meal) £9.50
Indoor Clubs (with meal) Reciprocal arrangement
Sunday Evening Triples £3-50