County Finals – Order of Play

Luton are proud to host the BWIBA Finals on Wednesday 4th April.

The order of play is as follows:

Umpire: Sylvia Ranns

Morning Session:  Bowls to be on the green at 9:00am

9:15 Fours

Kathy King Brenda Howe
Heather Ainsworth Ann Cruttenden
Ann Cirket Linda Gibson
Pat Dobson (BB) Janet Payne (L)

9:30 Singles

 Julia Quirke (BB) v Jan Brooks (L)

Marker:  Gillian Blacklock

Afternoon Session: Bowls to be on the green by 2:15pm

2:30 Pairs

 Molly Leslie Val O’Dell
Rita Toner(BB) Margaret Hinson (KP)

2:30pm Triples

 Linda Deverick Pat Bowen
Jackie Cameron Maureen Allen
Brenda Howe(L) Jan Brooks (L)

3:00pm Two 2 Wood Singles

Julia Quirke (BB) v Janet Payne (L)

Marker  Gillian Blacklock